EU Bubble Insider with Aaron McLoughlin

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Aaron McLoughlin, Partner at FleishmanHillard

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In this episode of #EUBubbleInsider, Aaron McLaughlin, Partner at FleishmanHillard, shares his experiences and insights from two decades of experience in EU lobbying. At the heart of Aaron's work is the joy derived from solving regulatory puzzles. He relishes the opportunity to learn continuously and collaborate with clients from various sectors, emphasizing the importance of clear, concise communication.

A significant part of the interview focuses on the concept of "better regulation." Aaron discusses the delicate balance between the quality and quantity of EU legislation, advocating for a pragmatic approach that emphasizes the need for practical, actionable solutions over mere criticism. We discuss case studies from Aarons lobbying efforts, including campaigns related to air pollution and fisheries policy. These examples underscore the importance of strategic advocacy and the ability to measure success in a field where outcomes can be indirect and long-term.

With a new EU commission on the horizon, Aaron offers timely advice on preparing for and influencing policy changes. He highlights the critical timing for engaging with new European Commission and the importance of presenting well-crafted, solution-oriented proposals.

Perhaps most key is Aaron's reflection on work-life balance. After facing personal health challenges, he stresses the importance of detachment and prioritizing well-being. This perspective is especially relevant in the high-pressure world of lobbying, where professional demands can often overshadow personal needs.