EU Bubble Insider with Alessandra Cardaci

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Alessandra Cardaci, Lead Partnership Manager at Debating Europe.

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Welcome to a new episode of EU Bubble Insider. In this engaging conversation, I had the privilege of speaking with Alessandra Cardaci from Debating Europe (part of Friends of Europe) and Restless Brussels. We dove deep into the intricate world of EU policy-making and the importance of citizen engagement in shaping these policies. Alessandra shared her insights on how Friends of Europe connects different sectors – academia, policy, the private sector, and civil society – to foster comprehensive discussions on EU policymaking.

We explored the unique ways Debating Europe engages with citizens across the continent, emphasizing the significance of multilingual communication and utilizing innovative methods like focus groups and surveys to gather diverse opinions. Alessandra highlighted the shift to engaging citizens in their local languages, which has been instrumental in reaching a broader audience.

Alessandra’s work with Restless Brussels was another highlight of our talk. This initiative aims to integrate the international community in Brussels with local politics and social issues, fostering a deeper understanding and involvement in local affairs. If you are an EU Bubble expat living in Brussels, make sure to check it out.

Furthermore, Alessandra shared her personal journey in the EU bubble, offering insights into career development within this unique ecosystem. She reflected on the importance of balancing professional responsibilities with personal interests and community engagement, emphasizing the richness that comes from a diverse set of experiences and interests.

This episode is packed with valuable insights for anyone interested in European Union affairs, citizen participation, and the dynamics of policy development in the EU. Join us for this enlightening discussion that sheds light on the vital role of citizen engagement in shaping the future of Europe.