EU Bubble Insider with Álvaro de la Cruz

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Álvaro de la Cruz, Head of Communications at FIGIEFA.

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This new episode features Álvaro de la Cruz, Head of Communications at FIGIEFA, who shared his expertise on effectively presenting complex industry-specific data, tailoring messages to different audiences, and navigating the challenges of influencing lawmakers. A good part of our conversation is devoted to Spanish politics and political culture

We delved into the importance of understanding one’s target audience and adapting communication strategies accordingly. Álvaro emphasised the need to identify the specific stakeholders and policymakers to whom messages are directed, highlighting the significance of adapting the content, tonality, and even language to effectively convey the intended message.

One of the key takeaways from the discussion was the distinction between mainstream and niche audiences. While some campaigns require a wide reach, EU Bubble campaigns are often tailored to a more specialised narrow audience, such as technical experts or policymakers. Álvaro stressed the importance of striking a balance between the two, ensuring the message resonates with the intended recipients while considering their specific interests and concerns.

Our conversation also shed light on the contrasting political systems between Spanish politics and the EU Bubble. Álvaro highlighted the unique features of EU politics, such as the dominant role of the European Commission in legislative initiatives, in contrast to the more decentralised nature of Spanish politics. We discussed the progressive tendencies within the Spanish political culture, with a strong emphasis on social issues and policies, which permeate across political parties and contribute to a more open and tolerant society.

Furthermore, we discussed the evolving landscape of communications in the face of technological advancements. Álvaro acknowledged the need for continuous learning and adaptation in the digital age, as new platforms and trends emerge. He also addressed the challenges posed by fake news and disinformation, emphasising the importance of cultivating a safe and informed digital environment. Looking ahead, Álvaro sees the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing communication strategies, while acknowledging the potential impact on certain job roles within the field.

Álvaro also provided valuable recommendations for those interested in staying informed about Spanish politics, highlighting notable figures and journalists covering the subject matter. In addition, Álvaro shared his personal recommendation for experiencing authentic Spanish cuisine in Brussels. He highlighted Hispania a renowned restaurant located in Sablon, where visitors can savor the culinary delights prepared by Michelin chefs. With a focus on fish dishes, the restaurant promises a taste of Spain right in the heart of Brussels.

As communications professionals navigate the ever-changing landscape of associations and political environments, the discussion with Álvaro de la Cruz offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice. The episode provides a deeper understanding of effective communication strategies, the dynamics of Spanish politics, and the future of communications in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

This episode is a must-watch for communications professionals, public affairs agency owners, aspiring policy-makers, or anyone looking to understand the intricacies of the EU Bubble.