EU Bubble Insider with Brett Kobie

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Brett Kobie, Creative and Strategy Director at Bump.

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In this new episode of the EU Bubble Insider podcast, I had an engaging conversation with Brett Kobie, Creative and Strategy Director at Bump. Brett’s deep insights into personal branding, career trajectories, and the dynamics of client-agency relationships are invaluable for anyone navigating the complex waters of policy communications in the EU Bubble.

We discussed the evolution of communications within the EU Bubble, including the shift towards digital platforms and the change in narratives over time. Brett emphasised the importance of personal branding as a tool for establishing oneself as a credible expert. Brett encourages individuals to be themselves, avoid generic branding, and create an authentic online presence that reflects their expertise and values.

Our conversation also provides critical insights into the often complex relationships between clients and agencies in the EU Bubble. Brett explained that transparency is the foundation of a strong client-agency relationship. He also highlighted the importance of understanding clients’ needs and objectives, and being transparent about what an agency can deliver. The key is to be honest, flexible, and work towards a common goal. This is especially important in the EU environment where decisions can be slow, and the political landscape can influence project outcomes.

One of the key takeaways from Brett’s talk was the importance of being proactive in one’s career, especially in the communications field. According to Brett, individuals should start by having thoughts and ideas, and publishing them. This shows proactiveness and the ability to think critically. He also urged professionals not to fall into complacency and to avoid environments that restrict their growth. Brett advised against waiting for opportunities and instead encouraged individuals to be mobile and look for challenges that align with their career goals. The essence is to be excited about what you do and be confident in your abilities.

This episode is a must-watch for communications professionals, public affairs agency owners, aspiring policy-makers, or anyone looking to understand the intricacies of the EU Bubble.