EU Bubble Insider with Chris Ruff

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Chris Ruff, Director for Communications and Political Outreach at DIGITALEUROPE.

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Hello Insiders,

In this episode of the podcast I had the pleasure of speaking with Chris Ruff, who is Director for Communications and Political Outreach at DIGITALEUROPE, the leading trade association representing digital industries in Europe.

From his early days as a Language Assistant at the British Council to his current role at DIGITALEUROPE, Chris shares his career journey and what sparked his interest in policy communications.

We delve into the current digital landscape in the EU, discussing the key challenges and opportunities brought about by digital transformation. Chris addresses criticisms related to job losses and inequality and shares his approach to communicating the benefits of digital technologies to skeptical policymakers.

Navigating the complexity of representing a wide range of businesses at DIGITALEUROPE, Chris shares insights from his experience in high-level political outreach, including the EU-US roundtable. We also discuss the role of traditional media versus social media in shaping public opinion on digital policy issues and how AI is transforming the communications sector.

Finally, Chris shares his thoughts on how digital technologies and policies can contribute to achieving ‘the good life’ for European citizens and offers advice for those starting their career in policy communications and strategy in the digital sector.

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