EU Bubble Insider with Craig Winneker

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Craig Winneker, Director of Communications at ePURE.

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In the latest episode of the EU Bubble Insider Podcast, Craig Winneker, Director of Communications at ePURE, shares his journey of transitioning from journalism to public affairs, shedding light on the synergies and contrasts between the two.

A highlight of the episode is Craig’s perspective on relationship-building. In a domain where connections matter, Craig emphasises the significance of genuine, targeted, and timely communication. He recalls instances from his journalistic days, pointing out the pitfalls of generic outreach and the importance of understanding a journalist’s specific beat.

But it’s not just about understanding the journalists. It’s about recognising the ever-changing nature of the EU Bubble policy communications and tailoring your strategies accordingly. Craig offers invaluable insights into the art of pitching, the value of authenticity, and the essence of being an ‘honest broker’ in this dynamic environment.

For anyone aiming to get a grasp of the EU media and PA scene, this episode is a goldmine of practical advice, experiential insights, and thoughtful reflections from one of the industry’s seasoned professionals.