EU Bubble Insider with Giuseppe Porcaro

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Giuseppe Porcaro, Head of Outreach Governance and HR at Bruegel.

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In our latest episode, I had the pleasure of diving into the world of think tanks, career transitions, and the evolution of communication with none other than Giuseppe Porcaro from Bruegel. If you’ve ever wondered about the gears turning behind such influential organizations, this chat is a must-listen. Managing outreach, governance, and human resources at Bruegel, Giuseppe’s insights into these diverse roles were both enlightening and relatable.

One of the topics we touched upon was the rise of digital events during the pandemic. Remember the webinars that filled our days when the world went into lockdown? Giuseppe shared how Bruegel navigated this digital boom, emphasizing the significance of genuine engagement over sheer numbers.

We also discussed the importance of content in communication. In a world flooded with information, it’s the substance that truly counts. Giuseppe’s perspective on this, as someone deeply entrenched in the world of research and think tanks, resonated with me. Giuseppe also shared his perspective about the role of personal branding within think tanks.

Then Giuseppe gave a peek into what it might be like to start a new think tank from scratch. And trust me, his thoughts on this are gold. It’s all about adaptation, innovation, and an insatiable curiosity. In our discussion we ventured into the realms of policy influencing, its tangible impact, and how success in this domain is measured. Plus, on a more personal note, Giuseppe’s take on finding the perfect work-life balance and his upcoming sabbatical will surly inspire you to reflect on your own journey.

In a nutshell, our conversation is a deep dive into the intricacies of think tanks, policy-making, and personal journeys. If you’re curious about the inner workings of think tanks, navigating career transitions, give our chat a listen.