EU Bubble Insider with Iiris André

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Iiris André, Head of Communications and Press at the ALDE Party.

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In our latest episode, I had the pleasure of discussing the complex world of political messaging with Iiris André, who is the Head of Communications and Press at the ALDE Party. Join us to dive into the intricacies of political campaigns, the balance of emotions and facts, and the role of AI in communications. Discover best practices, insights on targeting audiences, and essential skills for today’s political communicators.

We spoke about how evaluating a campaign’s success extends far beyond mere numbers. While key performance indicators offer insights, the true measure lies in the qualitative impact, such as endorsements by influential political figures. On the topic of conveying messages, Iiris shared her thoughts on a vital dichotomy: the balance between facts and emotions. In a world where politics is deeply intertwined with personal sentiments, it’s not enough to present raw data. Messages must evoke feelings, inspire, and above all, kindle hope. Iiris urged political communicators to position themselves as solution providers, especially in times of unrest.

Yet, with the rapid advancements in technology, where does AI fit in the world of communications? During our interview Iiris acknowledged the transformative power of artificial intelligence, but she was quick to point out the irreplaceable value of human touch, emotion, and intuition.

Addressing the challenges of the digital age, Iiris shared personal insights on maintaining work-life balance. In today’s interconnected world, the lines between professional and personal spheres have blurred. Yet, Iiris shares her view on setting boundaries and understanding one’s own rhythm to achieve both professional success and personal contentment.

And there’s much more!

For enthusiasts of political communication and those eager for insights from the front lines, this episode is not to be missed. It promises a fresh perspective on the dynamic world of political messaging.