EU Bubble Insider with James Stevens

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with James Stevens, who is the Managing Partner at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs in Brussels.

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In the latest edition of our EU Bubble Insider podcast, I had the pleasure of engaging in an enlightening conversation with public affairs veteran, James Stevens, the Managing Partner at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs in Brussels. As an authority in the field, James shared his insights on a spectrum of topics currently shaping the public affairs landscape within the EU.

During our conversation, James brought his unique viewpoint on building an effective team in the public affairs sphere. Drawing from his significant experience in setting up the Rud Pedersen office in Brussels, he emphasized the importance of not just subject matter expertise, but also the value of a mix of skills and experiences in team members.

We also delved into the criticality of open communication and active engagement with EU Institutions and European lawmakers and discussed how being proactive in communication and interactions lays the foundation for trust, influences perceptions, and ultimately contributes to shaping policy.

An intriguing part of our discussion revolved around the complex interplay between public affairs professionals and the EU institutions. James also shared his thoughts on the potential role of artificial intelligence in public affairs. Contrary to common fears, he suggested that AI could contribute to efficiency without replacing the jobs of public affairs professionals.