EU Bubble Insider with Julia Poliscanova

Join us for a fascinating journey with Julia Poliscanova, where her career in pioneering sustainable transport across Europe illuminates the path to a greener future.

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In the latest episode of the EU Bubble Insider podcast I had the privilege of sitting down with Julia Poliscanova, a leading voice in the realm of sustainable transport and e-mobility in Europe. Julia's journey from Latvia to becoming the Senior Director for E-Mobility and Electric Vehicles at Transport & Environment is an inspiring example of opportunities that the Brussels Bubble career can offer.

From Latvia to Brussels: A Personal Journey

Julia's personal narrative is as compelling as her professional achievements. Her decision to become Belgian, motivated by a desire to vote and fully engage with the country she has called home for over a decade, sets the stage for a discussion that is deeply rooted in personal commitment to public service and environmental advocacy.

The European E-Mobility Landscape

We discussed the complex landscape of e-mobility in Europe, showing Julia's pivotal role in advocating for clean transport. She sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of pushing for stringent vehicle CO2 standards and the transition to 100% electric vehicles in Europe. Julia's insights into the importance of sustainable batteries and responsible sourcing of raw materials provide a valuable insider overview of the nuances involved in making e-mobility a reality in Europe.

Advocacy, Policy, and the Human Element

We also spoke about Julia's approach to advocacy and policy-making. Her strategy of knowing her topic thoroughly and understanding her audience allows her to effectively communicate and advocate for change. Julia emphasises the significance of setting ambitious targets to drive transformation, while also highlighting the critical role of public mindset in embracing new technologies and behaviours.

The Future of Transport and Environment

Looking ahead, Julia envisions a future where transport and energy sectors are increasingly intertwined. The potential of vehicle-to-grid technologies and the need for innovative battery solutions are highlighted as key areas of development. Furthermore, Julia's reflections on the importance of policy agility and the ability to adapt to new challenges underscore the dynamic nature of the field.

A Call to Action

As the episode concludes, Julia offers a reminder of the importance of individual and collective action in driving the shift towards sustainable transport. This call to action is not just aimed at policymakers and industry leaders but also at individuals, encouraging everyone to play a part in shaping a greener future.

This episode of the EU Bubble Insider not only offers an in-depth look at the state of e-mobility in Europe but also celebrates the journey of one of its most fervent advocates. Julia Poliscanova's insights provide valuable lessons on the power of dedicated advocacy, the importance of technological and policy innovation, and the enduring impact of personal commitment to environmental sustainability.