EU Bubble Insider with Roxana Caliminte

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Roxana Caliminte, Deputy Secretary General of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE).

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Welcome back to the EU Bubble Insider, where we journey deep into the heart of European policymaking and industry dynamics. In this episode, I had the pleasure of engaging in a thought-provoking conversation with Roxana Caliminte, the Deputy Secretary General of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE). Buckle up as we navigate through Roxana’s journey into the energy sector, explore the challenges faced in a male-dominated industry, and uncover the strategies that have led to her remarkable success.

Raised in an environment where engineering prowess runs in the family, Roxana’s passion for the “heavy stuff” was instilled from childhood. Despite initially veering towards international relations and business administration, her life-changing opportunity to study in Russia exposed her to the intricacies of the energy sector, sparking a passion that would shape her career. Roxana also recounts her early days working with TRANSGAZ SA in Romania, where she collaborated with industry leaders and gained firsthand experience in the Romanian transmission system operation for gas.

As a young woman entering a male-dominated industry, Roxana reflects on her journey, highlighting the importance of mentorship and overcoming age-related challenges. Her advice to young professionals resonates with a refreshing blend of optimism and realism. Embrace failure, focus on strengths, and, above all, be prepared to learn continuously.

As we move on, Roxana provides valuable insights into building successful strategies in policy, strategy, and communications. She takes us through GIE’s role in transitioning from the narrative of 100% electrification to a more inclusive approach, acknowledging the diverse needs of regions across Europe. One of the highlights of the conversation is Roxana’s perspective on building coalitions and alliances.

Our interview concludes with a glimpse into Roxana’s approach to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Her emphasis on having a supportive family, engaging in physical activities, and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle sheds light on the human side of navigating the EU bubble.