EU Bubble Insider with Veronica Stefan

Krzysztof Bulski speaks with Veronica Stefan, a digital expert working with the Council of Europe.

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In the latest episode of the EU Bubble Insider Podcast, we are joined by Veronica Stefan, a digital expert working with the Council of Europe. With her unique insights, Veronica delves into the complex world of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, shedding light on their role and impact on society.

She emphasises the importance of understanding and regulating these technologies, particularly in the context of AI. We discuss the potential of AI as a powerful tool for learning and preparation for the future, highlighting the need for comprehensive education and awareness about AI and its implications among different stakeholders. This includes children, students, teachers, educators, policymakers, and parents, all of whom play a crucial role in shaping the future of AI in society.

She also explores the challenges and opportunities of implementing AI in education. From the use of AI tutoring systems to personalised learning experiences, Veronica provides a balanced perspective on the benefits and potential pitfalls of these emerging technologies in the educational sector.

In the second part of our conversation Veronica shares her personal journey in the field of digital transformation, recounting her experiences and the lessons she has learned along the way. She talks about her work with the Council of Europe and other activities, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the efforts being made at the highest levels to navigate the digital transformation.

Furthermore, we discuss the importance of civil society groups in monitoring the implementation of AI laws and policies. Veronica underscores the need for active participation and vigilance to ensure that the development and use of AI and digital technologies align with societal values and norms.

This episode offers a deep dive into AI and education, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of these topics from a leading expert in the field.