Guide to Job Seeking in EU Affairs Bubble: Opportunities, Tips, and Best Practices

This guide provides information on job seeking within EU institutions and associated organisations.


This guide provides information on job seeking within EU institutions and associated organisations. From in-depth insights into traineeship opportunities to valuable networking tips, this guide offers a well-rounded understanding of the European job market landscape. If you’re looking to start or advance your career in EU institutions, this resource will prove indispensable.

Traineeships within EU Institutions

Below is a list of some notable EU institutions that offer traineeships:

And there are many more. Just google: EU Internship, Brussels internship etc. for more.

Traineeships at National, Regional, and International Organisations in Brussels

In addition to EU institutions, national and regional representations, as well as international organisations in Brussels, such as the United Nations, NATO, and others, also offer various job opportunities.

Spontaneous Candidacies

Don’t overlook the potential of spontaneous applications. Even if a job isn’t advertised, organizations may appreciate your initiative, and it could lead to a fruitful opportunity.

Getting a Job within EU Institutions

The European Union employs a significant workforce spread across various institutions, including the European Parliament, the Council, and more. Numerous agencies and bodies across Europe also present vast work opportunities.

EU Public Affairs Job Sites Ecosystem

Several platforms offer job listings tailored to EU affairs. and are just a couple of examples. LinkedIn is also an effective tool for job searching and networking. Other noteworthy platforms include,, and more.

Useful Tips

  1. The Importance of Networking: Networking, both online and offline, is a powerful tool to find a suitable position in Brussels. This can include connecting on professional platforms like LinkedIn and attending networking events.
  2. Staying Informed: Regularly keep up to date with the happenings in Brussels and the EU. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your job search and prepare for interviews effectively.
  3. Understanding Salaries: While some remuneration details might be publicly available, it’s beneficial to do your own research on platforms like Glassdoor to get an idea of the salary you can expect.
  4. Preparing to Relocate to Brussels: If your job search is successful, make sure to check the residence formalities and plan for your relocation.


This guide has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the job seeking process within the EU Bubble. By understanding the available traineeships, the variety of job platforms, and by effectively utilising the provided tips, you will be well-prepared for your job search. Remember, persistence and initiative are key to succeeding in this competitive job market. Good luck on your journey!