4 AI Tools That Will Speed Up Your Work

Let's dive into four tools that are poised to transform the way communication professionals approach content and marketing.


AdScan offers a comprehensive library of current ads running on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. This tool provides marketers access to over 28,302 unlisted ads, enabling them to understand market trends, discover successful ad campaigns, and determine advertiser spending across these platforms. With the new EU regulations, AdScan's Chrome extension allows users to access impression metrics for every ad targeting the EU, giving a clear picture of an advertiser's top-performing ads. Its special feature for YouTube, where ads are unlisted by default, helps estimate ad spends based on view counts.


Trickle transforms screenshots into meaningful, summarized insights using the power of GPT-4. It's more than just a summarization tool—it captures the essence of the content. Users simply upload screenshots, which not only declutters their camera roll but also organizes these screenshots in one centralized place. The AI then generates insightful summaries, especially useful for text-heavy captures or complex diagrams. Whether it's industrial research or UX copywriting, Trickle's AI provides clarity, making it easier for users to retrieve, interact, and derive extra insights from their saved screenshots.


Visual representation of data is crucial for any marketer. ChartGenAI offers a streamlined solution where users can create charts in just three steps. By uploading data in various formats—whether it's CSV, Excel, JSON, or a Google Sheets link—users can quickly generate the desired chart type. This tool then instantly crafts a project for them, simplifying data visualization.

Opus Clip

Video content remains king, and Opus Clip offers a generative AI video tool that efficiently repurposes long talking videos into engaging short clips. Instead of spending countless hours editing, users can create multiple viral clips from a single long video. The power of AI ensures that the clips are relevant, engaging, and primed for sharing.

These tools, each with its unique offering, promise to empower marketers, providing them with streamlined solutions, actionable insights, and efficient workflows. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, leveraging such innovative tools will be paramount for marketers aiming to stay ahead of the curve.