Belgian Presidency Reveals Logo, Underlining Commitment to European Union Integration

As a founding member and essential participant in the EU, Belgium's logo design incorporates the Union's colors, symbolizing steadfast support for European values.

Situated at the core of Europe, Belgium serves as a hub for major EU institutions, including the Council of the EU, the European Commission, and the European Parliament. The logo's design creatively integrates the abbreviations for Belgium (be) and the European Union (EU) into a multi-dimensional axis, allowing for both horizontal and vertical interpretations — conveying the message "being the EU" and encouraging a sense of European identity while preserving national diversity.

Beyond symbolic representation, the logo signifies Belgium's commitment to a robust and united Europe, capable of addressing contemporary challenges. Belgium, as the upcoming President of the Council, aims to lead the European agenda and foster collaboration among member states during its six-month term starting in 2024.

The logo's unveiling coincides with a crucial period in the EU's democratic process, as citizens across the 27 member states will elect 720 new Members of the European Parliament in June 2024.

The logo has been reveled during the online the kick-off event of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union #EU2024BE.