CEC Government Relations Releases Analysis on 2023 Polish Parliamentary Election

Titled "2023 POLISH PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION: A post-electoral summary and election impact analysis," the report is authored by CEC Group's Chief Executive Officer, Michal Koczalski, and Founder, Marek Matraszek, providing an in-depth examination of the election outcomes from both the Sejm and Senate.

In the report's foreword, Founder Marek Matraszek reflected on the significance of this election, characterised by the polarised contest between the Law and Justice (PiS) party and the liberal Civic Coalition (KO). The election outcomes, according to Matraszek, would fundamentally shape the country's trajectory in various arenas, from its approach to the European Union to domestic economic policies.

CEO Michał Koczalski acknowledged the exceptional uncertainty leading up to the election, prompting the CEC Group team to prepare for various potential election scenarios. The report highlights anticipated policy adjustments in key sectors, including Pharma & Healthcare, Sustainability & Manufacturing, and Tech & Digital, as the new government assumes office. Businesses are advised to swiftly recalibrate their strategies to align with the evolving political landscape. Additionally, with Poland's upcoming EU Presidency in the first half of 2025, the report emphasizes the strategic importance for the incoming government to strengthen relations within the EU and actively engage in the European legislative process.

With the opposition parties securing a total of 248 seats, the report predicts the formation of a new government led by the opposition coalition, spearheaded by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk. This significant shift in Poland's political landscape marks a historic defeat for the previously ruling Law and Justice party.

The report concludes with an analysis of the potential obstacles facing the new government, including the influence of President Andrzej Duda and the prevailing PiS-era policies, adding complexity to the implementation of proposed reforms.

The report is now available for download on the CEC Group's official website, offering stakeholders and policymakers valuable insights into the implications of the recent electoral outcomes on Poland's political and economic trajectory.