Construction 2050 Alliance Releases "Call and Commitment" Ahead of EU Elections

This announcement, timed before the European Elections in June 2024, focuses on highlighting the construction industry's role in the intersection of people, economy, and climate, and its impact on the European Union's competitiveness.

The publication comes at a time when the construction sector is experiencing a decrease in demand. The Alliance emphasizes the sector’s role in driving the transition of the built environment to be more green, competitive, and inclusive. With the upcoming European Parliament elections, the Construction 2050 Alliance is promoting a coordinated EU-policy approach that involves multiple stakeholders to improve the climate resilience of the construction sector.

One of the primary initiatives suggested by the Construction 2050 Alliance is the creation of an annual High-Level Summit for the Built Environment. This proposed summit is intended to gather policymakers from the EU and national levels to discuss the construction market's progress. The Alliance suggests that actions should commence by early 2024, coinciding with the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Furthermore, the Alliance is dedicated to investing its efforts to ensure that the construction industry’s contributions are acknowledged and supported by future policymakers and legislators. This is aimed at shaping a future Europe that is more sustainable and resilient.

The "Call and Commitment for the new EU political term" document is available for public access on the Construction 2050 Alliance's website, providing comprehensive details on the suggested actions and commitments. This publication represents an effort to integrate the construction sector more effectively into EU policymaking, especially in relation to environmental, social, and economic objectives.