EU Bubble Insider with Shada Islam

Hello Insiders,

Welcome to this new episode of the EU Bubble Insider podcast with Shada Islam, Managing Director of the New Horizons Project.

Starting off, Shada reminds us that beyond every journalist's byline in our favourite EU publications, there's an intricate journey. Authenticity isn't just a buzzword; it's a painstaking commitment to unravelling the stories that shape our lives. Shada also highlighted how journalists often play the unsung role of demystifying the jargons and complexities that the institutions churn out.

It's no secret; the EU Bubble has its challenges when it comes to representation. Shada shed light on the imperative of combating biases and fostering dialogues that amplify diverse voices.

Navigating Brussels as a woman journalist in the earlier days was no simple feat. Shada's retrospective revealed the resilience required to make headway in what used to be a male-dominated terrain. I consider this interview as a reminder for us all of the work still needed to level the playing field.

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