Getting Started with Threads: Comprehensive Guide for EU Users

Meta's latest venture into social media, Threads, is now accessible to the public, providing a new platform for interactive communication and content sharing.

Let's start with some good news! If you're already adept at navigating Instagram and have a grasp on using Twitter, adapting to Threads will be a breeze. This new platform from Meta combines familiar elements from these popular social networks, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Now, let's dive into how you can set up and enjoy your journey on Threads.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to create and manage your Threads profile.

Step 1: Sign In via Browser

  • Threads app is still not available on the App Store for iPhone users and the Google Play Store for Android users.
  • Instagram Sign-In via web: Use your existing Instagram account to sign in. If you don't have one, you'll need to create an Instagram account first.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Profile

  • Profile Picture: Upload a profile picture by tapping the profile picture icon next to your name.
  • Bio: Write a unique bio or import your Instagram bio.
  • Links: Add URLs to your profile or import them from Instagram.
  • Following: View a list of suggested profiles to follow or import your Instagram following.
  • Profile Type: Choose between a public or private profile.
  • Terms and Policies: Review and accept the terms to create your profile.

Step 3: Understanding Data Usage

Threads uses data from your Instagram account in accordance with Meta’s Privacy Policy. This includes your login information, account ID, name, username, profile picture, bio, links, followers, and accounts you follow. Your age and account status for intellectual property and community guideline violations are also used.

Step 4: Posting and Interaction

  • Start a Thread: Share content including text, links, photos, or videos.
  • Reply to Threads: Engage with others by replying to their posts. Note: Visibility depends on the privacy settings of the responder’s account.
  • Automatic Translation: Posts and replies are translated based on the language preferences set by the user, enhancing global communication.

Managing Multiple Profiles

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can create a separate Threads profile for each. Switching between them is easy and seamless.