Polish European Professionals Network launched in Brussels

PEPN aims to encompass professionals operating within both the EU public and private sectors, along with those in non-governmental organizations. The organization has an inclusive agenda, providing information on job opportunities in Brussels, organizing networking events, and webinars on internships within the EU institutions, promoting employment in the public sector, and encouraging studies at the College of Europe. PEPN's outreach extends to collaborating with student organizations, scientific clubs, and the third sector.

Board members include Weronika Tołściuk, Aleksander Lubojemski, Ariel Sławiński, Bartosz Bojko, Joanna Siembida, Maciej Rewucki, Maria H. Nowicka, Mateusz Marciniak, and Mateusz Mroczek.

Praising the organisation's creation, Marcin Chec, the First Secretary in the Permanent Representation of Poland to the EU, commented on LinkedIn "I wish PEPN success in promoting knowledge about the EU and the possibilities of developing careers in EU institutions. I look forward to fruitful cooperation in this area."