This week is European Gender Equality Week

Building on the success of its previous iterations in 2020, 2021, and 2022, the Parliament aims to reinforce its commitment to prioritizing women's rights within legislative frameworks.

In the wake of recent significant legislative developments, including the adoption of crucial measures such as Women on Boards, Equal Pay, and the EU's accession to the Istanbul Convention, the European Parliament acknowledges the strides made in the realm of gender equality. However, with the recognition that substantial work remains, this year's focus revolves around the theme "Gender Equality: What's next?" The Parliament and its partners intend to assess the progress made thus far and outline the necessary steps for future advancements.

Throughout the week, various parliamentary committees, delegations, and prominent partners of the European Parliament will host a series of events addressing gender equality concerns within their respective domains.

The public is encouraged to actively participate in the initiative by utilizing the EP hashtag #EPGenderEqualityWeek. In 2022, the campaign garnered significant traction, reaching approximately 2.5 million individuals and significantly enhancing awareness about the crucial issue. With the upcoming 2024 European elections on the horizon, the European Parliament endeavours to amplify the outreach of this year's initiative to an even broader audience.

The detailed program, regularly updated with newly scheduled events, can be accessed on the Parliament's official website, providing a comprehensive overview of the diverse activities set to take place within the Parliament, other EU institutions, bodies, agencies, and partner organizations.