Thomas Nowak Announces Departure from European Heat Pump Association

Under Nowak's leadership, EHPA has become a vital link between the heat pump sector and European policymakers, playing a crucial role in advocacy, communication, and certification. The heat pump industry itself has seen exponential growth during his tenure, expanding from 500,000 units sold in Europe in 2006 to 3 million last year. Heat pumps now provide clean heating and cooling to a significant portion of Europe's buildings, as well as to industry and district heating networks.

Reflecting on his time at EHPA, Thomas Nowak expressed pride in the sector's evolution and the association's growth. He noted the critical role of heat pumps in decarbonizing buildings and industry and securing Europe's energy independence. While he will be moving on from EHPA, Nowak affirmed his ongoing commitment to the heat pump sector.

Martin Forsén, EHPA president, praised Nowak's exceptional contribution, acknowledging his passion and dedication in elevating the heat pump technology from a niche market to a major European industry. Forsén also expressed personal gratitude for the journey they shared.

Nowak will join Sweden’s Qvantum Industries, a member of EHPA, as their VP of public affairs and government relations in the first half of 2024. This transition marks a significant shift for both Nowak and the EHPA as the association prepares for new leadership to meet evolving challenges in the sector.