Who to follow in 2024 – Consultants and Educators

Discover a diverse group of Consultants and Educators who bring their unique expertise to the vibrant Brussels landscape. This list introduces professionals making an impact in lobbying, strategic communications, and political outreach. Each profile offers valuable insights and perspectives. Dive into this collection to access the wealth of experience these individuals bring to the EU Bubble. Return to the main list here.

Aaron McLoughlin – Partner at FleishmanHillard

Public affairs specialist with over 25 years of experience, who has navigated leadership roles in NGOs and industry, including the World Wildlife Fund’s European Marine Programme and CEFIC. With expertise in air quality, waste, fisheries, and chemicals, he employs a systematic approach to lobbying, prioritizing transparency for lasting solutions. Aaron, also a dedicated educator, teaches lobbying at the University of Maastricht and EUI’s Executive Training.

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Katarzyna Kowalewska – Digital Media Officer at European External Action Service

A seasoned social media specialist, with a rich background in managing flagship EU social media accounts, she excels in strategy execution, campaign management, content creation, analytics, and community building. On LinkedIn, she shares actionable tips on community-led approaches to social media and offers insights based on her experience with institutional campaigns. Follow her for transformative communication strategies and valuable insights.


Habib Msallem – Campaign Strategy & Media Lead at Bump

With roles at Grayling, GESAC, and the Foreign Trade Association, Habib brings diverse expertise in communications and marketing. Before Brussels, Habib’s journalistic journey included roles at The Sunday Times of London and freelance reporting, underscoring his versatility and deep understanding of media dynamics. His LinkedIn feed is full of valuable advice and thoughts on media and public relations.

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Brett Kobie – Strategy & Creative Director at Bump

Brett brings over 15 years of expertise from Brussels to New York. Known for collaborating seamlessly with public affairs practitioners, communicators, and marketers, Brett co-creates ambitious ideas and transforms them into reality. His LinkedIn profile serves as a gold mine of insights, tips, and thoughts on strategy and creativity. Additionally, you’ll find open invitations for coffee in Brussels with Brett and the Bump team.

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Philip Weiss – Founder and CEO at ZN Consulting

Author of ‘Hyperthinking,’ a book and a course on Udemy. Founder and CEO of ZN Consulting, a leading digital agency in Brussels, that collaborates with top corporations and political organizations in the EU Bubble. Key content on Philip’s profile includes weekly interviews with communications experts called ZN Live and short videos in which Philip shares his thoughts on communications and innovation.

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Doru Peter Frantescu – CEO & Founder at EUmatrix.eu

EU affairs and communications expert, digital entrepreneur. Doru’s writings cover transformative communication strategies, AI in decision-making, and navigating systemic changes in European politics. He is the founder of EU Matrix, an EU-focused research and data platform.

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Matteo Albania – Director of Communications at MUST & Partners

Matteo brings over a decade of expertise in strategic and digital communications, with a focus on political and electoral campaigns. Fluent in five languages, he previously spent 8 years with the European People’s Party, holding key roles such as Head of Communication and Marketing. You can join one of his engaging “Fireside Chat” discussions on European affairs held regularly with key stakeholders at the MUST & Partners office in Brussels.

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Alan Hardacre – Co-Founder at Advocacy Academy

Alan’s expertise extends to teaching lobbying, running simulations, and delivering speeches worldwide. He holds a PhD in International Economic and Political Relations and is recognized for his thought leadership with numerous publications and awards. Cofounder of Advocacy Academy an online education platform for public affairs professionals.

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James Stevens – Managing Partner at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs

Experienced government relations and public affairs professional, currently leading the team at Rud Pedersen Public Affairs in Brussels. James specializes in government relations, public affairs, issue management, and reputation management, particularly in sectors like Chemicals, Energy, Transport, Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer Goods. His LinkedIn is an interesting learning resource but also provides an opportunity to observe the dynamics of events at one of the fastest-growing consultancies in the market.


Sebastián Rodríguez – Founder at europeancampaignplaybook

Sebastián is a campaign professional based in Brussels. Currently working at the European Movement International and running the campaignplaybook.eu he focuses on educating and connecting professionals working in the EU campaign landscape. Formerly Communications advisor at Renew Europe.

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Mark Dober – Managing Partner at Dober Partners

Headhunter, Author and Consultant. As the Managing Partner of Dober Partners, an Executive Search firm operating in Brussels and across Europe, Mark specialises in headhunting senior executives for various sectors, including corporates, associations, consultancies, law firms, and NGOs. He is also the Founder of BestinBrussels.eu, an independent resource helping organizations identify the best partners in Brussels for their advocacy needs.


Tom Moylan – Director at Moylan Communications

Political communication specialist with nearly a decade’s experience in EU communications. His career includes roles as a digital strategist and social media manager at the European Commission, working on various specialities such as development, economic and financial affairs, local communication, and digital intelligence. Former speechwriter to the Commissioner for Trade and adviser to the Director-General for Communication. Tom is also the Founder and President of restless.brussels, a civic engagement nonprofit in Brussels, and serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Brussels School of Governance.

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Milos Labovic – Founder of the The Superlobby Community

Milos Labovic, with 15 years of experience as an EU Expert and Public Affairs Advisor, is currently the Senior Public Affairs Officer for the Amsterdam Transport Region. Milos authored “EU Superlobby – Winning in Brussels” and “Lobbyist from Zeeland,” drawing on his nine years of lobbying experience in Brussels. He regularly shares insights on lobbying, public affairs, government affairs, and political communications. His newsletter “The Superlobby Community” is a must-subscribe for anyone who wants to keep up to date with knowledge and events in European politics.

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Alexandre Météreau – Founder and editor at The Beubble

Specializing in EU outreach, Alexandre helps organizations enhance their influence through compelling communication strategies. Former Policy and Communications Officer at the Union of European Federalists (UEF). Alexandre shares insights on EU politics through his newsletter, The Beubble.


Jacques Foul – Digital Communications Consultant & Trainer

Jacques Foul is a communications consultant advising EU communications teams on how to improve their strategies and tactics. He also trains top executives on how to improve their profile using online thought leadership. On his profile, he regularly posts advice and examples of best practice in communication on LinkedIn.


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