Who to follow in 2024 - Culture and Education

Within this section dedicated to culture and education, you will encounter a diverse array of visionary leaders who are actively shaping the landscape of learning, technology, and cultural heritage. Their collective endeavors transcend boundaries, working towards democratising access to learning, promoting digital futures, and advancing human-centric approaches in education reforms and governance. Explore the stories of these inspiring changemakers who are at the forefront of revolutionising how we engage with culture, education, and technology in the European Union. Return to the main list here.

Julie-Jeanne Régnault - Secretary General at European Film Agency Directors

As the Secretary General of the European Film Agency Directors (EFAD), Julie-Jeanne spearheads initiatives that shape EU policies in the audio-visual sector, contributing significantly to the region's vibrant cultural landscape. With a career steeped in EU affairs and extensive experience as a policy officer at the European Commission, Julie-Jeanne brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role. Her dedication to advancing the arts and fostering academic discourse is further evidenced by her involvement as a lecturer at prestigious universities and her membership in esteemed film and educational organizations.

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Johan Oomen - Head of Research and Heritage Services at Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid

Johan Oomen is a prominent figure in the realm of cultural heritage and digital media, serving as the Head of Research and Heritage Services at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. With a rich background in academia, Johan's research explores the intersection of active user engagement and societal connectivity, contributing to the advancement of open and intelligent societies. His multifaceted roles extend to various boards and foundations, including the EUscreen Foundation and PublicSpaces, where he plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of cultural discourse and media innovation. Johan's commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and advancing knowledge in the digital era makes him a leading voice in the field.

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Julia Pagel - Secretary General at the Network of European Museum Organisations

Julia Pagel is the Secretary General of NEMO, the Network of European Museum Organisations, representing over 30,000 museums across Europe. With a background in Art History and Latin American Studies, Julia's career has spanned diverse roles, including serving on the Executive Board of Culture Action Europe and contributing to EU Commission expert groups on Cultural Heritage. Her extensive experience in museum advocacy and EU-funded cooperation projects underscores her commitment to advancing the cultural sector's interests on a European scale.

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Cécile Despringre - Secretary General of the Society of Audiovisual Authors

Cécile Despringre, Secretary General of the Society of Audiovisual Authors, brings over two decades of experience in European affairs and trade negotiations, having led pivotal roles in organizations such as SACD and FERA before spearheading the establishment of the SAA to advocate for audiovisual authors at the European level. With a background in International and European Law, she continues to shape the landscape of audiovisual rights and representation, currently serving as the President of the board of directors at Cineuropa.

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Raffaela Kihrer - Deputy Secretary General and Head of Policy at European Association for the Education of Adults

Raffaela Kihrer, Deputy Secretary General and Head of Policy at the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA), and General Secretary of the Lifelong Learning Platform, combines her background in International Development studies with her experience as a qualified teacher to advocate for adult learning and education policies at the European and international levels, with a focus on citizenship and development. Follow Raffaela for insights into shaping policies and advocacy efforts in adult learning and education, driven by her extensive experience and commitment to promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Elisa Gambardella - Education & Lifelong Learning Coordinator at SOLIDAR Foundation and President at Lifelong Learning Platform

Elisa Gambardella is an advocate for social justice and education policy. As the Education and Lifelong Learning Coordinator at SOLIDAR Foundation, she oversees advocacy efforts toward EU institutions. With a master's degree in European Studies, Elisa brings a wealth of experience from her roles in political advising and steering committees, contributing significantly to shaping European policies on social issues. Her dynamic leadership and commitment to collaborative efforts make her a valuable asset in promoting lifelong learning and social justice initiatives.

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Daniel Wisniewski - General Secretary at European Federation of Education Employers

Daniel Wisniewski is the General Secretary at the European Federation of Education Employers, overseeing advocacy activities at European institutions and managing the organization's Secretariat in Brussels. With a strong background in international relations and civil society, he brings extensive experience in fundraising, team management, and policy development. Daniel is also the Co-Founder and President of YouthProAktiv, a global NGO promoting youth entrepreneurship and activism. His dedication to advancing education policies and fostering youth engagement makes him a respected leader in the field of education and international affairs.

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Laura E. Rumbley - Director, Knowledge Development and Research at European Association for International Education

Laura E. Rumbley is the Director of Knowledge Development and Research at the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in Amsterdam. She's also the Co-Editor of the Journal of Studies in International Education. Previously, she served as Associate Director at the Boston College Center for International Higher Education and as a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Department of State. Laura's career spans over two decades in international education, focusing on research, policy analysis, and academic administration. She hosts the EAIE Podcast, where she facilitates discussions with professionals, experts, and policymakers on various issues affecting the field of international education.

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Vanessa Wainwright - Founder at Abodoo

Vanessa Wainwright is the Founder of Abodoo, a Skills Platform addressing global skills shortages, with a mission to democratise access to learning and opportunities. Vanessa is also a Steering Committee Member at Digital Future for Europe, where she collaborates to put Europe on a path to a digital future, aiming for a more sustainable, innovative, and equitable society. With experience in leading global remote teams and co-authoring "Your Company with No Walls," Vanessa is an inclusive tech entrepreneur dedicated to creating sustainable solutions using technology for positive individual, societal, and climate impacts.

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