Who to follow in 2024 – Energy and Environment

These experts, policymakers, and advocates play pivotal roles in shaping the region’s approach to critical issues such as renewable energy, sustainability, climate action, and more. From experienced professionals to passionate activists, each person on this list brings their unique expertise and perspective to the ongoing discourse surrounding Europe’s energy transition and environmental challenges. Follow them to stay informed about the latest developments, insights, and initiatives in this ever-evolving landscape. Return to the main list here.

Bethany Meban – Head of Press & Policy Communications at SolarPower Europe

Before joining SolarPower Europe, Bethany played a crucial role in supporting UK-EU exit and trade negotiations as part of the press team at the UK Mission to the EU. She serves as the host of the Shine On Policycast, a podcast dedicated to EU policy updates related to solar energy, where she interviews policy and market intelligence experts. One of the most active voices in the industry.

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Ruud Kempener – Member of Cabinet of Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson

Ruud Kempener plays a crucial role in shaping the Commission’s strategies related to hydrogen, energy system integration, and renewables’ industrial competitiveness. With a diverse background, Ruud has previously worked as the Power Sector Transformation Strategies Analyst at the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and held research fellow positions at prestigious institutions like the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the University of Sussex.

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Christoph Zipf – Press & Communications Manager, WindEurope

A dynamic professional with a rich background in political communication, press relations, and association work. Currently serving as the Press & Communications Manager at WindEurope, he plays a pivotal role in communicating Europe’s energy transition, climate initiatives, and technological advancements. With a diverse background spanning politics, administration, and business across Europe, Christoph offers a unique interdisciplinary perspective. For valuable updates and informed perspectives on Europe’s renewable energy landscape, Christoph Zipf is a must-follow.

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Sara Piskor – Strategy, Policy and Communications Director at ENTSOG

Sara is a seasoned expert in European energy affairs, specializing in policy, communication, and regulatory matters. With a background in European Affairs and Law, she began her career at the Polish Oil and Gas Company, gaining experience in Brussels. Her roles at GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. involved communication, stakeholder engagement, and regulatory implementation. At ENTSOG, she closely monitors energy regulations and engages with crucial stakeholders. Her areas of influence encompass Clean Hydrogen technologies, Gas Grids Repurposing for Hydrogen, and the integration of Biomethane, Gas, Hydrogen, and Electricity Value Chains. Follow Sara for valuable insights into European energy policies and regulatory developments.


Tim McPhie – Spokesperson for Climate Action and Energy at the European Commission

Tim McPhie plays a pivotal role in communicating key messages on Climate Action and Energy. His career journey includes positions as a Multimedia Editor focusing on Better Regulation, Inter-institutional Relations, and the Rule of Law. Tim also served as a Communication Manager for the common candidate campaign at the Party of European Socialists (PES). Follow Tim McPhie for insights into climate action, energy policies, and effective communication strategies within the European Commission.

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Rolf Kuby – Director General at Euromines

Rolf Kuby is a distinguished figure representing the vital raw minerals mining industry within the broader European landscape of energy and environmental debates. With over 22 years of experience and 8 years dedicated to sustainability strategies, he possesses an extensive network within EU institutions and industries. Rolf has held influential positions at Euromines, Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl, and Aurubis AG, where he has played a pivotal role in shaping policy strategies, fostering EU networks, and chairing committees. Follow him to gain unique insights into the intersection of EU affairs, sustainability, and the crucial raw minerals mining sector, which is integral to the European energy and environmental discourse.

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Dariusz Dybka – Managing Partner at Von Kietz

Expert in sustainability, former EU Sustainability Director at Edelman focused on the European Green Deal, emissions trading, decarbonization, and the impact of EU policies. With a background in public administration, diplomacy, and think tanks, he served as a climate attaché, negotiator, and legal expert for the UNFCCC process. His experience includes roles in the EU Council, Brussels PKEE office, and ERCST, managing projects on Carbon Border Adjustment and the European Green Deal introduction. Dariusz is renowned for his contributions to climate negotiations and multilateral processes, showcasing expertise in climate-related directives and regulations.


Anaïs Berthier – Head of ClientEarth Brussels Office

Senior Lawyer and Head of ClientEarth Brussels, where she leads engagement with EU institutions and stakeholders on environmental matters. With a legal career spanning law firms in France and Belgium, she brings expertise in European law, environmental issues, and climate change. Anaïs previously worked with the French Ministry of the Environment on Kyoto Protocol and WTO matters. She champions procedural rights under the Aarhus Convention and holds degrees in International and European law from esteemed French and British universities. Follow her for insights at the intersection of law, environmental protection, and EU policy.

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Boyana Achovski – Secretary General at Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

Boyana is the Secretary-General of Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE), the voice of the gas infrastructure operators of Europe, a position she has held since 2016. With a wealth of experience in the energy industry, she previously led the Analysis and International Operations Division at Bulgartransgaz. Boyana began her career in European affairs at the European Parliament in Brussels. She is deeply passionate about leadership, energy, decarbonization, and European affairs. She is also dedicated to nurturing and empowering emerging professionals in her field.

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Ben McWilliams – Affiliate Fellow Energy and Climate Policy at Bruegel

Dedicated to data-driven analysis, Ben provids critical insights into European public policy, particularly in the energy sector and its decarbonization efforts. His recent work delves into the consequences of the ongoing energy crisis and policy recommendations to address it. Ben also explores tools for promoting industrial decarbonization and assesses how emerging energy systems, particularly hydrogen, impact the economic landscape. As a dual British and Dutch citizen, Ben brings a unique perspective to his work. Follow him for expert insights on energy and climate policy in Europe.

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Cass Hebron – Climate communications consultant and Editor at The Green Fix

As a climate communications consultant Cass collaborates with organizations on climate justice and sustainability projects, offering services like copywriting and communication strategy development. She also conducts workshops on effective activism, digital advocacy, and climate communications, drawing on her expertise and experiences as a TEDx speaker, European Commission Year of Youth 2022 speaker, and CreativeMornings Global contributor. Her passion for climate action and her extensive experience in climate communication make her a valuable source of information and inspiration in the fight against the climate crisis.

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