Who to follow in 2024 - Money and Commerce

This list brings together a distinguished group of professionals who are at the forefront of digital finance, budgetary policies, e-commerce, and blockchain technology in Europe. It highlights experts from various sectors, including those formulating budgetary strategies at significant parliamentary levels to strategists driving the future of digital currencies and payments infrastructure. Each individual on the list provides distinct perspectives on the rapidly transforming landscape of European financial, commerce as well as technological policies. The compilation is fascinating for its demonstration of thought leadership and the diverse methodologies and innovations being applied to steer and define the commerce, finance, and technology sectors across the continent. Return to the main list here.

Tim Peters - Head of Unit Future of the EU Budget at the European Parliament

A distinguished professional with over a decade of experience at the European Parliament, where he currently leads the Budgetary Policies Unit, part of the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS). In this role since January 2023, he is instrumental in shaping the future of the EU Budget, focusing on annual budgets, the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), and the financial strategies for Ukraine's recovery and reconstruction. Before assuming his current position, he served as the Team Leader Policies and Legal Adviser in the Cabinet of the Secretary-General, where he was responsible for coordinating policy and legislative issues, including those related to Ukraine, from February to December 2022. Prior to his tenure at the European Parliament, Peters held  roles at the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and GE, focusing on the internal market, economic and monetary union, EU environmental law, and climate policy.

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Tobias Gehrke - Senior Policy Fellow at ECFR

Tobias Gehrke is a Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin, specialising in geoeconomics, economic security, and global economic strategies. He holds a PhD in political science from Ghent University and is proficient in German and English. He has an extensive background in research and policy analysis, with previous roles at the Egmont Royal Institute in Brussels and visiting fellowships at institutions like the National University of Singapore and Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, he serves as a Global Fellow at The Wilson Center and a Non-Resident Fellow at the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, focusing on Europe's role in the global economy. Following Tobias Gehrke offers insights into the intricate interplay between economics and international policy, making him a valuable source for anyone interested in understanding the future of global economic governance.

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Christoph Trebesch - Professor at Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Head of the International Finance and Macroeconomics Research Center at the Kiel Institute since and a Professor of Macroeconomics at Kiel University. His research intersects international finance, macroeconomics, economic history, and political economy, focusing on the significant impact of rare economic events. Professor Trebesch expertise has led him to consultancy and advisory roles with major organisations like the IMF, World Bank, United Nations, US Treasury, and the German Ministry of Finance. Trebesch's studies on financial crises, the rise of extremist politics, China's financial growth, and geopolitics are frequently highlighted in top international media. In 2022, he launched a Research Initiative on Geopolitics and Economics at the Kiel Institute, which he leads with Katrin Kamin, and introduced the Ukraine Support Tracker.

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Wim Mijs - CEO at the European Banking Federation

Wim Mijs brings extensive experience from various pivotal roles within the banking sector. His academic foundation is in law, with specialization in European and International law from the University of Leiden. His career includes significant positions such as working at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague, various capacities at ABN AMRO including as Head of Government Affairs, and CEO of the Dutch Banking Association (NVB). His influence extended internationally as he chaired the Financial Markets Committee of the EBF, served as chairman of the International Banking Federation (IBFed) in London, and was President of the Board of EURIBOR. Currently, Mijs also contributes his expertise as a Member of the Board of Directors at the Salzburg Global Seminar and holds advisory roles in several other organisations. He is a key figure to follow for anyone interested in the future of banking and finance in the EU, offering deep insights into the sector's evolution, regulatory changes, and the impact of digital transformation on global banking.

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Emőke Péter - Head of European Public and Regulatory Affairs at Worldline

In her position at Worldline, Emőke is responsible for developing strategies related to the future of money, technology, and digital payments, touching on areas such as the digital euro, CBDCs, and AI. Her efforts aim to establish a policy environment that supports innovation and the digitalisation benefits for European society. Her work focuses on advocating for digital payments' environmental benefits and ensuring equitable regulation across the payments sector. As a member of the European Commission’s Payment Systems Market Expert Group (PSMEG), Emőke provides valuable insights into payments and financial services policy. She is also involved with Brussels Binder, working towards improving gender diversity in EU policy debates. With a solid background in EU policy-making and leadership in various sectors, Emőke's contributions are significant to those interested in the evolving landscape of digital payments and financial services in Europe. Her work supports the development of policies that aim for a sustainable, inclusive, and technologically driven future.


Martina Weimert - CEO at European Payments Initiative

With a rich background of 20 years in international consulting, Martina brings extensive expertise in payments, fintech, blockchain, and retail banking across Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. At the helm of EPI, Martina has been instrumental in guiding European banks and acquirers towards establishing an independent European payment solution, aiming to unify Europe's payment industry. Before EPI, she served as a partner at Oliver Wyman in Paris, leading the European payments practice, and has held significant roles at Capgemini Consulting as Senior VP and at Deutsche Bank in France as Marketing & Sales Director. Her work at EPI focuses on building a cohesive and inclusive European payment system that addresses the needs of the digital age while connecting Europe’s diverse payment landscape. Martina's leadership is pivotal for those interested in the future of European payments, offering insights into the integration of technology and finance in shaping a more unified and efficient European market.


Christel Delberghe - Director General at EuroCommerce

Christel Delberghe has served as the Director General of EuroCommerce since November 2021, where she represents the voice of the retail and wholesale sector to the EU institutions, stakeholders, and the media. Her journey with EuroCommerce began in 2001, and she has since been pivotal in advocating for competitiveness, communications, and the interests of wholesalers and SMEs within the sector. Before her tenure at EuroCommerce, Christel worked on EU affairs for a British retailer and in a public affairs agency. Holding French nationality, she is academically equipped with degrees in Economics and European affairs from the University of Lyon II and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Christel’s extensive experience encompasses trade associations, advocacy campaigns, and a deep understanding of the retail and consumer packaged goods industry, making her a key figure in shaping the landscape for retail and wholesale in Europe.

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Agustín Reyna - Director, Legal and Economic Affairs at BEUC

Agustín Reyna is the Director of Legal and Economic Affairs at The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC), overseeing policy teams in Financial Services, Digital, Consumer Rights, Competition, and Consumer Redress and Enforcement since March 2020. With over 13 years at BEUC, he has significantly influenced consumer advocacy at the EU level. Agustín's background includes a co-chair position at the Trans-Atlantic Consumer Dialogue's Intellectual Property Committee and a PhD in law from the University of Bremen. His work focuses on representing consumer interests in EU policies, showcasing his commitment to protecting consumer rights across Europe. His involvement in high-profile cases and policy discussions provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of consumer protection, making him a key source of information and analysis in these critical areas.

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Piebe Teeboom - Secretary General at FIA European Principal Traders Association

Piebe advocates for the interests of firms across Europe that trade with their own capital, focusing on creating well-regulated, safe, transparent markets that are open to competition and ensure fair access for all participants. Before joining FIA EPTA, he was a senior strategic policy adviser at the Autoriteit Financiële Markten (AFM), where he developed regulatory strategies on secondary markets, corporate governance, and represented the AFM in multilateral bodies such as ESMA. His career also includes academic research and lecturing at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on economic organization and policy, as well as editorial work and an internship at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Following Piebe provides insights into the future of market regulation, trading practices, and the advocacy for transparent and competitive financial markets in Europe. His extensive experience and deep knowledge of the European regulatory and political process make him a key figure in understanding the dynamics of global markets and financial regulation.


Patrick Hansen - Director, EU Strategy & Policy at Circle

Patrick is the Director of EU Strategy & Policy at Circle, where he focuses on aligning the company's digital financial services, including stablecoins USDC & EUROC, with European regulatory frameworks. Prior to Circle, he played key roles at Unstoppable Finance and Bitkom, showcasing his expertise in blockchain policy and digital finance. Patrick's extensive experience includes advising at the Blockchain Founders Group and contributing to the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, emphasizing his involvement in shaping the blockchain ecosystem in Europe. With master's degrees in business and political science, Patrick's background equips him for a pivotal role in shaping EU digital currency policies. His experience positions him as a valuable source of insights on digital finance and blockchain regulation in the EU.

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Vlad-Florin Vita - Public Affairs Advisor at Ecommerce Europe

Vlad-Florin Vita is a Public Affairs Advisor at Ecommerce Europe, focusing on e-regulations related to the Platform Economy, Competition, and Consumer Policies. With a Master of Public Administration from Leiden University College The Hague and a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies from Essex University, Vlad brings a wealth of knowledge in political science and government to his role. His previous experience includes positions as a Junior EU Policy Officer at ACT, where he worked on the DSA and DMA, and as a Policy Analyst at FiscalNote, focusing on EU regulation of the Digital Single Market. Fluent in English and Romanian, Vlad's international experience spans Belgium and the Czech Republic, and he possesses strong skills in hospitality, organization, event planning, and holds multiple certifications including ECDL and courses on DSA and DMA. Vlad's dynamic and trustworthy nature, alongside his passion for new challenges, positions him as a key player in shaping EU e-commerce regulations and policies.

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